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My old site stinks! This one will be better!

Hello! My name is Laura. My old site is this site. I haven't been able to update it for a long time, because I forgot the password. So here we go with a new one! Yay!

Here's the flag of Maychoria! That's a golden eagle. Isn't he pretty?

King of ugly, if you ask me.

This is what I look like! Not really.

Okay, this is what I look like for real. On a good day.

I'm not really a hippy. That was just for Harvest Carnival, to entertain the kids. But I really can play guitar.

Here's an extremely boring page. Don't click this unless you want to be bored! I don't know why I made that page.

Stay tuned! I will be doing stuff to this site periodically. Who knows what
that means.

I have now jumped on the blog wagon! Go look at it!

Laura's Silly Useless Blogging Experiment

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Okay, I lied! This site stinks, too!

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