Star Wars Fanfiction

My Star Wars fanfic mostly focuses on the father/son relationship between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. Because that's what I find interesting. There's also a smattering of OC stuff, and a few stories with Anakin Skywalker. Below is a chronological list, not in the order I wrote them, but the order they fit into the Star Wars timeline.

Things you can expect to find in my writing:
Childhood trauma (focus on the healing process)
Father/son and big bro/little bro bonding
Lots of dialogue
ABSOLUTELY NO slash of any kind

Chronological List (eventually all of these will be hyperlinks):
/The Unchosen/
/(Canít Go Home Again)/

Candles Against the Sea
Summary: It several months after Melida/Daan. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have been working to re-establish their bond. It's been going well. Qui-Gon seems perfectly satisfied. But Obi-Wan is not.
Rating: T or PG-13
Warnings: Adult themes
Notes: This was my first big SW fanfic project. I had very specific things I wanted to accomplish and a story I wanted to tell, and I did. Probably in the top three of my fanfics, by my own rating. Certainly the most popular among my readers--it's on a hundred twenty favorites lists on ff.n and has more than 55,000 hits. If you're a newcomer to my style of fiction, this is a good place to start--long but not too long, mushy but not too mushy, and full of ideas.
Word count: 42,272

(Donít Touch Me)
The Sun Shall Not Smite Thee
Nor the Moon By Night
The Other Side of Infinity
Invasion of the Fluffballs
Danger and the Dark Side or The Marble of Doom !
Death by Papercuts !
Promises We Couldnít Make
A Padawanís Priorities
Rengu Rondezvous !
Ghosts of the Future
Final Priority
Rushing Wind
Too Far Inside
One Thing You Lack
Wretched Hives . . .
/Morning Has Broken/
/New Hope, Only Hope/
Free as the Wind

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